The Risk of a Risk Taker

Our members and their successes are as diverse as can be. But there’s one thing they all have in common: they found a career they never expected.

We know you know IQI Eliteone. But what you don’t know is just how successful you could be here too. We’re a place where every members truly believe in the success of each other and have great pride in what they accomplish together.

Listen to their stories and learn why working at Eliteone is so much more than a job.

Our Trainings and Sharing Sessions

Terrific Tuesday (TT)

IQI Warriors Training Day whereby external super coach will come over to give warrior style training.


Eliteone Academy (EA)

A day to improve both your knowledge and technical skills. We will cover real estate and general topics. Both sales related or non-related soft skills included.


Wed Elite Training (WET)

Highly capable real estate leaders will come over to share with us their personal experience and knowledge with regards to real estate career.

New REN Training

An incubator for new warrior to grow and to improve on the way to the real battle ground

Training Platform

In IQI Eliteone, we value advancement of knowledge and technical skills through education. Through our weekly learning activities, we want everyone in Eliteone to be better off everyday, not just in property knowledge, but in many other areas in life as well.

Work Life Integration

Work life integration. In IQI Eliteone, we value enjoyment of life as much as achievements of targets.

– Dave Chong

Sales Tips

我的房地产生涯 & 企业家思维

我的房地产生涯 & 企业家思维








Becoming Digital Realtor

The importance of digital marketing in the real estate industry is growing, just as it has in every other sector. If you want to be successful in the real estate industry, you need to be incredibly competitive, and in order to do so, you constantly need to be one step ahead of all the most recent trends.

Understanding Hugoz KLCC

Understanding Hugoz KLCC

There is no other neighborhood in the world that is more desirable than the Central Business District in Kuala Lumpur. Hugoz Suites KLCC is located in the center of a vast network of business opportunities and important roadways and is in close proximity to the well-known KLCC, among other nearby attractions. It is a place where everything that is easily available is transformed into something that is wonderfully convenient. Hugoz Suites KLCC is a highly prized property due to its location in the center of Kuala Lumpur. It also has smooth connectivity to Kuala Lumpur’s major roads as well as banks, entertainment sites, and embassies.



Sandra 成功三部曲

Sandra 成功三部曲

顶尖销售员成功的秘诀很难诉诸文字,因为他们做起事来就如同呼吸般自然,不过今天 IQI Elite领导,Sandra Teo将会为大家揭晓如何在房地产成为一位顶级表演者。